Veterans Affairs Canada Dental Services



Canadian veterans are entitled to a variety of health care benefits, including dental treatment.


Region of Administration:



Government/ Department:

Veterans Affairs Canada



Veterans may qualify to receive financial support for treatment benefits, if they are:



Provides coverage for basic dental care and some pre-authorized comprehensive dental services. Services provided should be both generally accepted practices and the most cost-effective treatment essential to good oral health.

VAC dental program covers up to 100% of the rates in the Provincial Dental / Denturist Association fee guide.

Examples of services that are covered:

  • annual basic treatments up to $1500 annually
    • exams, polish and fluoride treatments every 9 months
    • scaling (8 units per year)
    • fillings and extractions
  • standard dentures once every 7 years

Examples of dental services that require pre-authorization from VAC: (Before any treatment is received a dental treatment plan is to be submitted to VAC for preauthorization.):

  • basic treatment exceeding $1500 annually
  • crowns
  • bridgework (x-rays required)
  • specialist treatment (referral required)
  • early replacement of dentures as determined by your dentist or denturist

Examples of services that are not covered:

  • gum surgery
  • implants
  • equilibrated/custom/semi-precision dentures





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