Oral Health Initiatives and Best Practices


Oral Health, Total Health

Oral Health, Total Health is a Federal Non-Profit Organization with a mission to advocate, educate and improve the oral health care for persons with special needs.


Public Health Agency of Canada- Canadian Best Practices Portal: Oral health programs

These resources provide information to help plan programs that promote oral health and prevent oral disease.  It includes data, strategies, guidance and systematic reviews of the research.


Public Health Agency of Canada- Canadian Best Practices Portal: Best practices section for interventions related to oral health promotion

This resource provides information on best practices for interventions related to oral health promotion across Canada.


Network for Canadian Oral Health Research

The purpose of this network is to promote mentoring of the next generation of oral health researchers by: aiding in the development of interdisciplinary research teams; enabling sharing of research-related resources; guiding development of sustainable infrastructure; and facilitating communication between and among knowledge creators and knowledge users.


Oral Health of Seniors- A Nova Scotia Project

A collaborative research project between the Faculty of Dentisty, Dalhousie University and the Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre (AHPRC).


Brushing Up on Mouth Care.  Dalhousie University- Nova Scotia

This research focuses on oral health care for frail and dependent older adults with particular emphasis on daily mouth care.


Oral Health: Nursing Assessments and Interventions RNAO Clinical Practice Guideline 2008

The target users of the guideline are nurses in various practice settings who work with the adult population. The guideline focuses on specific vulnerable populations (those who need assistance to meet their oral hygiene needs). Published by the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario in 2008.


Oral Health and the Aboriginal Child- Knowledge Transfer Site

This site provides a home for resources, teaching tools, program information and research articles on oral health and the Aboriginal child.  This venture came about as a result of a forum that took place in Winnipeg, Canada in June 2007 called “Oral Health and the Aboriginal Child” and an enduring partnership with the Institute for Circumpolar Health Research in Yellowknife which has developed and maintained this site.  One of the outcomes of the forum was a compilation of resources related to improving oral health in Aboriginal children from various organizations and the development of a clearinghouse or knowledge transfer site to enable access to these specific resources; a “one-stop shop”.