Supplementary Health Program



Those who qualify for Supplementary Health benefits are eligible for a number of health services and products. In addition to the universal health benefits, such as hospital and physician care, Supplementary Health benefits include dental services.


Region of Administration:



Government / Department:

Saskatchewan Health



Eligibility for Supplementary Health coverage is determined by the Ministry of Social Services.  The Ministry of Health will send you a letter advising that you have been approved for Supplementary Health Benefits.

  1. Social Assistance Plan (SAP) recipients nominated by Saskatchewan Community Resources and Employment
  2. Wards of the State
  3. Those in correctional institutions
  4. Nominated persons over 65 years of age who are in special care homes or hospitals and whose income meets SAP levels



Dental Services Emergency Benefits

Coverage is limited to relieving pain and controlling infection. If you are an employable adult receiving benefits, you and your spouse are eligible for only emergency dental benefits for six months from the time of being nominated to the Supplementary Health Program. After six months of emergency coverage, you become eligible for full benefits. Children automatically qualify for full benefits.

Full Benefits

Once approved for full benefits, coverage includes payment for a range of basic dental services required to maintain good dental health.

Those needing dentures may obtain them from a licensed dentist or denturist. You will be asked to pay some of the cost. Your dentist or denturist is required to seek Ministry of Health approval to make sure the service is eligible for payment.

Persons receiving Supplementary Health benefits have the option to "upgrade" two specific dental services beyond those basic services coverage under the program. These are:

  1. Upgrading from the amalgam (silver-colored) to composite (tooth-colored) fillings in posterior (back) teeth; and
  2. Upgrading partial dentures from acrylic to cast metal.

Persons choosing to "upgrade" these services will be required to pay the difference between the basic service covered under the program and the cost of the optional upgraded service.



Dentists, Denturists


Therapeutic Responsibility:

Dentists, Denturists





How it Works:

Provide your Saskatchewan Health card or temporary health coverage form when you request a Supplementary Health service. Service providers will use an on-line viewer to verify your coverage for Supplementary Health benefits. The program does not reimburse clients as payments are made directly to the service providers.


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