fluoride protection for toddlers



Offers free fluoride applications for children 12 to 35 monts to protect their teeth from cavities. Children only need to have a few teeth to start getting fluoride. Applications are given 4 times, once every 6 months.


Region of Administration:



Government / Department:

Alberta Health



12 to 35 month old child is eligible for Alberta Health Services’ fluoride applications if:
a) Family is already enrolled in the Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB).
b) "Take home” family income is equal to or less than certain amounts.
c) Two of the following describe your family:
• A member of your family has had cavities in the last 2 years
• You get a subsidy for other government services (e.g., daycare)
• You are a single parent
• You have been in Canada for less than 3 years
• Either you or your partner did not finish high school
• Your children are First Nations but are not able to participate in the Care for a Smile or Children’s Oral Health Initiative.



Applications are given 4 times, once every 6 months.



Dental assistants, Dental hygienists.


Therapeutic Responsibility:

Dental assistants, Dental hygienists.





How it Works:

At the appointment:
•The child sits on their parent's lap while staff put fluoride on the child's teeth using a brush. It takes less than a minute.
•The child can eat and drink right after the treatment.
•The fluoride sticks to the teeth and protects them. It slowly wears off when the teeth are brushed.


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