Low Income Access Program - Children 13 to 17



The aim of this program is to minimize the financial barriers for children to access dental services.


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Department of Health and Community Services



Children (13 to 17) in Families Receiving Income Support or Eligible Families with Low Incomes.

The Low Income (Access) Program provides ‘Basic Services’ only, as listed in the Dental Health Plan Payment Schedule. For youth aged 13 – 17 years, inclusive, who are eligible and enrolled in the Access Plan of the Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (NLPDP). Eligible youth will be noted in a letter of eligibility sent to the family from NLPDP offices in Stephenville.

The program provides coverage for specified dental health care services to 13-17 year olds in families (including single parents) with a total annual net income of $30,000 or less where the family is approved for coverage under the Access Plan of the NLPDP.

 Children, age 13-17 years, in these families, approved for coverage under the Access Plan, are automatically approved for coverage under the Dental Health Program. There is no separate application process for dental coverage. If you do not yet have coverage under the Access Plan, you must first apply for that coverage by completing the application form.




·         examinations every 24 months

·         some x-rays

·         routine fillings and extractions

·         emergency examinations when a patient has pain, an infection or experienced trauma.

Parents should discuss with their dentist if costs for a recommended treatment will be covered under the program.





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