Long-Term Care Facilities Program


In Prince Edward Island, all seniors who are living in a long-term care facility and are at level 4 or 5 of care (high level) receive an annual dental screening, followed up with simple preventive services and, if necessary, a referral for needed treatment. The purpose of the program is to identify signs of pain or pathology and refer the client for treatment where needed, provide in-service sessions for staff in monitoring oral health and daily oral hygiene, and provide simple preventive services such as scaling, application of fluoride varnish and labelling dentures.


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Government / Department:

Health PEI



All seniors who are living in a long-term care facility requiring high level of need.



Annual screening by a public health dentist, to look for signs of oral disease(s) and condition(s) that are likely to result in pain, and to assess the need for simple preventative procedures that can improve quality of life.  Dental hygienists follow-up by providing preventative services such as cleaning and labeling of dentures, scaling teeth, application of fluoride varnish, etc.  Residents with dental treatment needs are referred to private practice dentists.



Dentists, Dental hygienists


Therapeutic Responsibility:

Dentists, Dental hygienists





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