Family Health Benefits



Family Health Benefits are intended to assist lower income families with the costs of raising healthy children. Administered by Saskatchewan Health, Family Health Benefits can help reduce the financial worry about the cost of necessary health services for your children.


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Saskatchewan Ministry of Health



Eligible families must include at least one child under the age of 18 living with the parents or guardians in Saskatchewan. They must have a valid Saskatchewan Health Services Card.

A family’s eligibility is established by the Ministry of Social Services, in cooperation with Canada Revenue Agency, using a formula which takes into account the number of children in the family and the family’s annual income according to income tax return(s) for the previous year.

Most eligible families will be receiving a monthly child allowance under the federal National Child Benefit Supplement. Other families may receive the provincial Saskatchewan Employment Supplement.

Families identified as eligible for the first time must complete a “consent” form that gives Canada Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Health permission to forward their names to Saskatchewan Health. The Health Registration system is amended to show the family’s coverage for Family Health Benefits.



Dental Coverage - Coverage of basic services

• Examination and diagnosis

• X-rays

• Cleaning and fluoride

• Sealants (molar) (age 13 and under)

• Space maintainers

• Amalgam (silver) fillings

• Extractions

Family Health Benefits beneficiaries may be asked to contribute to the cost of their dental services. Saskatchewan Health continues to cover most of the cost, but may not completely cover all of the cost of services.





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