Enhanced Preventive Dental Services Initiative



The Government of Saskatchewan is taking steps to improve children's oral health by increasing access to dental care, particularly preventive services for children at risk. Enhancements to regional preventive dental health services, for pre- and post-natal mothers, preschool and school-age children, are rolling out across the province.


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Saskatchewan Health



The program will initially be implemented in schools in those regions with the highest need. These include Athabasca, Keewatin Yatthé, Mamawetan Churchill River, Prince Albert/Parkland, Prairie North, Regina Qu'Appelle and Saskatoon Health Regions.



The Enhanced Preventive Dental Services Initiative will focus on disease prevention and health promotion and target early childhood tooth decay in at risk populations. The enhanced services will include oral health assessments, referral and follow up, fluoride varnish and dental sealants.

The enhanced dental services will include consultations with pre- and post-natal mothers to promote good oral health and ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy development of their baby's teeth.



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