Dental Treatment Services Program



Dental Public Health provides dental diagnostic and treatment to children ages 3-17 who do not have a private dental insurance plan


Region of Administration:



Government / Department:

Health PEI



Children ages 3-17 who do not have a private dental insurance plan.

There is an annual registration fee, and families are expected to pay a 20% parent’s contribution on treatment services, except when exempt. 

Families that have a net family income under $30,000 per year are exempt from paying the parental contribution.

Applicants need to sign a Declaration Form to verify dependents have no private dental insurance

Child needs to be registered with a private dentist or a Dental Public Health Clinic dentist. Registration fee is $15 per child or maximum of$35 per family.  Need to pay 20% of the cost of the child’s treatment, but if family net income is less than $30,000 per year, can apply to be exempt using this form:



Basic dental services including annual dental check-up and x-rays, restorative dental services, fillings, root canal treatment on front teeth, extraction





Therapeutic Responsibility:




Salary (public health dentist),  Fee-for-service (private dentist)


How it Works:

In private dentist’s offices, services are fee for service. In Dental Public Health Clinics still need to pay 20% as a mean’s testing.


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