Children’s Dental Health Program- Children 12 Years and Under



The aim of this program is to minimize the financial barriers for children to access dental services.


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Department of health and Community Services



The Children's Dental Health Program provides universal access for eligible dental services for children age 12 years and under.

The children's dental program covers the dental services for all children, up to and including age twelve.

For families with private insurance, the Provincial Government is the payer of last resort, covering the difference in cost for eligible services. For families without private insurance, coverage includes the entire cost of eligible dental services for children 12 years.



  • examinations at six-month intervals
  • cleanings at 12-month intervals
  • fluoride applications for children ages six to 12 at 12-month intervals (except where the School Rinse Program is in place)
  • some x-rays
  • routine fillings and extractions
  • sealants

Parents should discuss with their dentist if costs for a recommended treatment will be covered under the program.





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