Adult Dental Program



Provides basic dental services and dentures to those in need.


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Department of health and Community Services



Limited to clients enrolled under the Foundation Plan, Access Plan and the 65Plus Plan of the Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program (NLPDP).

No preventive services (no cleanings and/or fluorides).

Proof of eligibility required. For adults enrolled in The Foundation Plan from the DAES, an MCP number, DAES PIN number and File number are required for billing purposes. This will be the vast majority of cases.For adults enrolled in The Foundation Plan but NOT transferred from DAES (eg: ambulance cards from Regional Health Authorities), confirmation of enrolment should be obtained from NLPDP offices and the MCP number will be the only identification needed upon submission of claim.

Confirmation of eligibility by dental offices can be done via a toll free number:  1-888-859-3535



The Adult Dental Program provides ‘Basic Services’ as listed in the Dental Health Plan Payment Schedule. There is also a denture component. Dentures are limited to ‘Standard Dentures’ only. Basic services limited to a three year cycle. Dentures are limited to an eight year cycle.

Eligible services include an examination and two x-rays every three years, routine fillings on a three year cycle, extractions, and there is a denture component allowing the delivery of standard dentures once every eight years.

The Adult Dental Program will pay up to the cost of standard dentures. Additional costs from the delivery of specialized dentures will be the responsibility of the patient. It is recommended that patients talk with the dental provider prior to commencement of treatment to be informed of any additional charges. If a standard denture is delivered, there will be no cost to the patient as per the no balance billing policy of the Dental Health Plan.



Dentists, Denturists


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Dentists, Denturists





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